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Backpacker Insurance

Flexible insurance ideal for students
and gap-year travellers

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The further you travel, the greater the need for dependable insurance. Go's Backpacker Insurance is ideal for anyone taking a long trip or an extended holiday abroad.

  • return home up to three times during your trip without voiding your policy
  • covers bar work and fruit picking while abroad*
  • 24-hour medical emergency assistance should you have an accident or be taken ill while on holiday

The policy also covers: personal effects, personal money and missed departure. For more details see the policy summary.

You can get a quote online or call 0844 482 0880 and speak to one of our friendly agents.

Wide range of activities covered as standard

Our Single Trip Travel Insurance provides cover for a wide range of sports and leisure activities. More activities and sports can be covered for an extra premium – please call us on 0844 482 0880.

* If you're going to be away for a whole year, you may need to earn some spending money. Our Backpacker Insurance comes with cover for you to do bar work and fruit picking. Other casual jobs can be covered for an additional premium. Please call 0844 482 0880 for further information.

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